The Stress Series: Stress Six –

Thermal Stress

Hands up if you’re the kind of person who is happiest when it’s 40* (for my American friends I mean over 100*F).  My hand’s up!  Or are you most comfortable when the wind is blowing, the rain is pouring down and its decidedly chilly out there.  Not me!  I get very upset when its winter and I find that the cold almost hurts me.  I find myself feeling cranky and irritable and my animal body responds in two very distinct ways – i) I sleep more and ii) I accumulate blubber.

Your preference for climate is something that’s most likely hard wired into your system and the opposite of your preference is what is most likely to cause your body thermal stress.  I know of people who almost wilt once it gets over 25* or who literally feel like they’re freezing once its below 20*.

How to manage thermal stress?

It’s fairly simple to manage.  If you like the cold, stay out of the heat.  Make sure you have ample cooling systems in your home.  Dwell (or visit during warmer summer months) areas that have cooler climates.  Conversely, if you like the warm, stay indoors, make sure you have adequate heating and visit areas in winter that are tropical and warm (Bali anyone?).  And finally, dress accordingly.

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