General counselling is available to children, parents and individuals in a range of areas including:

Grief and loss




Behaviour education

Work related issues (for teachers and other school based staff)

Equilibrium also provides a unique counselling service which is available specifically for educators and other school based staff (such as principals, senior leaders, school counsellors or newly qualified teachers). Participants in these group sessions meet regularly to discuss and explore the emotional challenges they experience at work. Involvement in this kind of counselling is in itself is a form of self care and is also a valuable training and personal development tool.

Long distance counselling sessions for education professionals in rural areas via video conferencing (Skype) is also available.

A range of training packages can be tailored according to the needs of different audiences.  Topics may include behaviour education for parents and information sessions in conjunction with other health professionals which promote general wellbeing.

For school based staff, packages are specifically created to meet the needs of your school or work site, whether it be working with small groups, whole staff (school closure days, staff meetings), regional network days or larger conferences.  Topics may include Staff Wellbeing, Behaviour Management, Anxiety, Emotions, Cyber Safety etc.

Equilibrium makes recommendations to organizations about how to maximize staff wellbeing and therefore job satisfaction and productivity.  Consultation relating to referral pathways for students presenting with challenging behaviours, whole school behaviour change and behaviour education (management) for sites and individual teachers is also available.

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