#EduTweetOz – Sleep Series Vlogs

Part One – An Intro to Sleep:

I’m excited to be able to share the knowledge I have about sleep with followers not only of this blog but also #EduTweetOz this week. I often hear of or am directly asked sleep questions so I hope this helps!

Please note medications can also be a cause for significant sleep disruption. If you are worried that there is a medical (as opposed to psychological) reason for any sleep disturbance you experience, its best to see a doctor about it.

Part Two – Night Time Routine

In the same way that we prepare young children for bed with a night time routine, its important that we do the same. Today I am discussing how to make sure your bedroom is an optimal space for sleep and also which night time habits you should definitely avoid if night time waking is an issue for you.

*I forgot to mention exercise in this vlog – exercise releases endorphins and energises the body. If you work out too close to bed time you may find you have difficulty getting to sleep. Much better is to exercise in the morning as it naturally tires the body. Also, early morning sunlight acts to kick off our circadian rhythm and helps us to feel tired 12-14 hours late so some early morning sunshine (eat your breakfast outside or even better go for an early morning walk, run or ride) is helpful.

Part Three – Getting Rid of Rumination:

Rumination is the name given to the particularly destructive thought that can come visit at 2am which tend to just go round and round and round in your head. Rumination is not your friend and rumination does more harm than good as it deprives you of the sleep you so essentially need in order to be your best the following day. Watch today’s vlog to learn how to get control of your thoughts and so your sleep.

Part Four – More Strategies for Getting Back to Sleep:

The thought control strategies to get rid of rumination might not work for everyone so today I’m discussing a couple of other ideas that might be helpful, sleep journals and wait for it…actually getting up! I know, bizarre but true. Any ideas why I might be recommending to do that?

Part Five – Dreams

Lots of people tell me that they dream about things that are stressing them out and sometimes we find ourselves dreaming about work. Such dreams often come through as anxiety dreams (if not full blown nightmares!) Today I give strategies for bringing the cause of anxiety dreams into our consciousness and also what to do if you know someone who experiences night terrors.

6 thoughts on “#EduTweetOz – Sleep Series Vlogs

  1. Have really enjoyed listening to all of these great vlogs. Thanks Louiza. Now let’s hope I can have some success in my sleeping pattern.

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