‘K is for … Kinesiology’

I’m delighted that Maryanne Katsidis from ‘Zoi Kinesiology’ accepted my invitation to guest blog today and has written a stunning piece about her field of speciality, kinesiology.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of sessions with Maryanne over the last few days (you know, as you do, being a new year and all, and I’ve got some big things coming up that I want to go well) and I have to say I really noticed a significant (and of course positive) shift.

If you feel like you’re needing a little ‘something’ but aren’t sure quite what, kinesiology might be the way to go. Maryanne is based in Melbourne but can work from where ever (I had my sessions over the phone from Adelaide).

Enjoy this and Maryanne, my thanks to you for taking the time to put this together.


  1. What is kinesiology and how does it work?

Kinesiology seeks underlying causes, rather than just treating symptoms. It is consistent with the Chinese philosophy that health problems are the outcome of blocked energy flow.

Kinesiology combines principles of Chinese medicine with modern muscle monitoring techniques, based on a bio-feedback mechanism, to identify the underlying cause of imbalances within the physical and energetic bodies. Imbalances may present themselves as depression, stress, anxiety, learning difficulties, nervous or digestive disorders or physical pain to name a few.

2. Why would you have a Kinesiology session?

You may be experiencing physical pain or may be going through an emotional issue where you can’t move on, or perhaps not being able to let go.  You may feel as though there is a crossroad in front of you and you don’t know where to go or what to do next. It might be that you know what is bothering you, but being self-aware may not be enough to get you back on track. The great thing about Kinesiology is that it can help you take that blindfold off and see things from another perspective, so you can go back to what your heart truly desires.

Kinesiology can help with Anxiety, Depression, Self-confidence/Self-worth, Pain Management, Nutrition, Grief and Loss, Sports Performance, Addictions, Career and Work Issues and more.

Kinesiology is also beneficial for children who may be suffering from issues relating to bed wetting, learning difficulties, concentration, clumsiness, confidence, social isolation, depression, anxiety etc.

3. How do you use it in your current role?

There are two things that make Kinesiology special and quite unique. The first is that it is the only modality that I know of that actually clears the pain memory from past experiences, allowing you to talk and remember about painful events and trauma without re-experiencing the pain.  The second thing I love about Kinesiology is that it clears sabotage programs.  All those niggling little insecurities and blocks can be cleared to allow you to move forward with confidence.

4. What can clients expect during a session?

I empower my clients by teaching them about what their bodies are saying, when and why patterns have formed and connect them back to their authenticity and their truth. I support and guide them while they transform and as a result they create the life they have always wanted.

5.  Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects although the first few sessions can leave you feeling a little bit tired afterward as we are generally clearing the heavier old stuff, so it is best to avoid doing anything intensive afterward.

6.  How much does a session cost?

The first session is $110 for 1.5hrs which gives me an opportunity to explain Kinesiology in greater detail and for me to gain a good history about my clients journey to date.  About 75% of the time the first balance is the most relevant so it is important for us to set a good foundation to work from.

One hour sessions are $80

7.  How do we find you?

You can find me at @leadership_real or by my name Maryanne Katsidis.  The Kinesiology website is http://www.zoikinesiology.com.au.


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