“I is for … Interests”

Interests…do you think they might be what make us interesting?

Regardless, of whether they are things we do by ourselves (think reading, gardening or running) or something we do with others (cooking, travelling, team sports), interests have been shown to have a positive correlation to our wellbeing.

In addition to providing an outlet and break from our run-of-the-mill-day-in-day-out lives, our interests can have many other positive benefits too. They can provide opportunities for learning or refining an existing skill, they can be done in solitude or might require interaction with others, they might involve adventure or require time at home.

My interests keep me going and increase my motivation when I am feeling tired/overwhelmed/annoyed with work/life. They are what I look forward to and what I enjoy. They recharge my energy and keep me going. Some provide some well needed social interaction with others whilst others I retreat and I do all alone.

Here’s some of them:

Travel – Cooking – Triathlon – Reading – Yoga – Psychology – The beach – Shopping – Running – Biking – Swimming – Fine Dining – Camping – Art appreciation –

What are your interests? What are the things you do that recharge your batteries and make you more interesting?



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