‘G is for … Gratitude”

You know how it’s been hot these last few days? Like real hot, heat wave hot? There’s been lots of people complaining about it, haven’t there?

I love the hot weather. You know why? Because when it is stinking hot and blowing a north wind at 40 km an hour and I’m sitting in my cool little temperature controlled home I feel thankful. I don’t whinge about the heat at all. I’m thankful that I am experiencing such weather and that unlike so many less fortunate souls in the world I have:

– airconditioning

– a fridge

– iceblocks

– clean water to drink

– a shower

– close proximity to the beach

– access to any number of swimming pools

– cool clothes

– shade (if I happen to choose to spend some time outside, say at a stunning beach for example)

– insect repellant

– doctors nearby should I get a case of the puking (as happened over new years)

… and the list goes on.

I remember seeing an episode of ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’ last year. You might remember the episode – the one where they were in the African refugee camp and the shock jock struck up a relationship with the orphan boy. There was a single mother on that episode who had walked for days to get to the camp. One of her children had died along the way. She had no husband or relatives with her, and few possessions other than the clothes she and her children wore.

On arriving at the camp this woman was escorted to her new home. It was a white tarpaulin. That was it. No furniture, no toilet, nothing. Nothing but a few stakes jabbed in the ground under which she could sit with her very young children.

The climate in that part of the world was incredible. The ‘Go Back’ participants were clearly struggling. Searing hot days and freezing cold nights. Winds that made the sand fly into whirlwinds and blast everywhere. Flies. Disease. No water. No shade. Constant threat of attack (from either other desperate humans or wild animals). Day in, day out. Forever maybe.

In comparison to the life this poor lady and possibly billions of others on the planet experience, we’ve really got nothing to whinge about when it gets a bit warm, do we?

Be sure to be thankful for what you’ve got. It’s linked to increased wellbeing. Because things could always be a whole lot worse…

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