Social Media Addiction

The concept of a “digital detox” and “i-addiction” is an area that I have become increasingly interested in in recent years. In my work as a counsellor I have a particular interest in dependency and this is a real issue that can be as destructive as other addictions as we know them.  People who work in this field tend not to associate themselves as having a dependency on their phones or i-Pads – they may joke about the amount of time they spend online or acknowledge they are “married” to their computer, can’t live without it etc but then really have a very hard time (including sometimes experiencing very real physical withdrawals) when their technology can’t be accessed.  It’s concerning!!

My suggestion to participants at my session was to record the amount of time they spend ‘on’ in a week (to the minute).  My guess is most would be surprised if not shocked by their results. If this was the case they could then put into place strategies (and cognitive behaviour therapy ones would be as good a start as any) if they thought this was appropriate.  Alternatively, my advice is to get professional support.

Do you consider yourself dependent?  Addicted even?  How do you think you would fare with the strategy I’ve suggested above to monitor your own social media use?  I’d love to see some numbers come through…

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